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Hiring a caregiver can be a daunting experience, be it for first-timers or even for second-timers. For those who are unsure of the various steps involved, CareDo would like to give you this quick, simple guide to hire your ideal caregiver.


1. Figure out your budget

Choosing a caregiver e.g. confinement nanny is a major decision. You are entrusting a near-stranger with the daily care of your baby, and are inviting her into your home. You probably have an area in mind already after your first trimester so all you have left to figure out is your budget. Keep in mind that you would need several thousand ringgit to pay for a qualified caregiver e.g. confinement nanny

2.Look for your Ideal Caregiver

To look for a Caregiver on, register yourself as user, fill in your particulars, type in the areas you are interested in, search for the caregiver category within your budget. You can also search specific add-on services offered by the respective caregivers.


You can even do more research on your favourite caregiver around your areas by browsing through the particular of the caregivers where you will find a range of different caregivers living near your areas.

Alternatively, if you intend to register a caregiver, please register as caregiver. Upon registration, you are required to attend ours introduction or orientation session in order to better equip yourself. A few assessments e.g. medical screening & others would be required before you are qualified as CareDo caregiver.

When the caregiver is ready, her job scope will be published. Here, the Client can select the ideal caregiver, choose the date and pay a booking fee for it

After booking, the Client is likely to wait between one to two weeks for the caregiver confirmation to complete the matching process.

3. Interview the caregiver

Once you spot your ideal caregiver and pay a booking fee, You are advised to arrange an interview with the caregiver either in person meet up, phone call or social media. It is advisable for clients to know more about the caregivers before signing them on.

4. Sign the Letter of Agreement

Once you've interviewed and are satisfied, client is advised to sign the letter of agreement with caregiver. The Letter of Agreement would include the following details: legal names of user and caregiver, legal address, price agreed upon, job scope, confidentiality and date of commencement.

5. Other payments

Other payments e.g. Ang Pow or tips are solely between user and caregiver agreement. Caredo has no control or will be held responsible in this matter.

6. Delivery of Service

User is advised to contact the caregiver at least one week before commencement of work. The payments made by the user would only be released after completion of work with user's confirmation and feedback.

Upon completion of work, caregiver please make sure you get statements or receipts. Any outstanding bills or complaint would not be entertained after 7 days of job completion.